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Often a client will come to counselling saying “I just don’t feel happy”.  They don’t know why they feel like this or how to turn it around.  One thing we all know is that we all want to and deserve to feel happy.

By talking in therapy you will be on the path to figuring out where things may have gone wrong, or taken a wrong or difficult turn and how to try to alter things back to where life feels better.

In most cases, when we are involved in a situation, we cannot always see clearly what is going on.  It takes sitting with someone who is not involved in your life so that you feel safe and confident enough to talk about whatever it is you need to express without feeling that you are being judged or that someone will agree or tell you what you want to hear.  That way, you can be totally open and honest with yourself and get to the bottom of what might be causing your lack of happiness.

Sometimes feeling unhappy can be a result of not achieving what you really want or not being able to deal with the inevitable challenges of life.  This can be brought on by a lack of confidence in yourself which may have built up over time.


Sometimes, you start to realise that you are not facing matters and are not motivated to deal with certain situations.This may have been a result of feeling low, breakdowns in relationships which have damaged your confidence or can just be life chipping away causing you to become less able to be free to be yourself.

Don't let life pass you by without feeling happy. By uncovering the scars of your past, we can try to find a path to happiness for you together. 

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