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Sometimes, relationships can hit hard times and it feels like we are lonely and the situation is insurmountable.

Counselling can help by looking at your relationship from many perspectives and noticing behaviors that could be changed in order to help save the relationship.

When working on relationships, the breakdown is often due to a lack of communication between two people.  It is important to learn how to communicate to help understand each other's view points. 

Often the issues reappear throughout a relationship and slowly chip away.  By learning to communicate in a useful and open way, one can determine how to prevent these problems from reoccurring and change patterns. 

Some relationships can be very abusive, physically or mentally; both are very destructive.  It is about finding whether the relationship is right for you, or if you should you be thinking about an ending, and how you would go about doing so, which is never an easy decision.

This can apply to any relationship in one’s life, from partners, family, friends and even to work colleagues.  At any time in our lives these can be in conflict or causing difficulties.

Happiness in relationships contributes, in a big way, to happiness in your life, so fixing troublesome relationships in your life could help to ease stress and anxiety in your everyday. 

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